What is Google Analytic Link Tracking?

Last Updated: 11/6/2024     Tags: google analytics, link tracking, google, click tracking, ga
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Google Analytics link tracking is the process of tracking the performance of links that direct visitors to a website. This can be accomplished by adding tracking parameters to the link's URL, which will allow Google Analytics to gather data about the links source, medium, campaign, and other details.

UTM parameters are the tracking parameters that can be added to a link's URL for this purpose. UTM stands for "Urchin Tracking Module," which was the original name of the tracking software that Google Analytics is based on.

These are the UTM parameters that can be used to track links in Google Analytics:

  • utm_source: This parameter identifies the source of the traffic, such as the name of the website or the specific marketing campaign.
  • utm_medium: This parameter identifies the medium of the traffic, such as email, social media or paid advertising.
  • utm_campaign: This parameter identifies the specific marketing campaign that the link is associated with.
  • utm_term: This parameter is used to identify the keyword that was used in a paid search campaign.
  • utm_content: This parameter can be used to identify the specific version of an ad or link that was clicked.

To enable Google Analytics Link Tracking in your emails:

  1. In your activity, navigate to the left hand side of the activity editor
  2. Locate the 'Google Analytics' section
  3. Ensure it's enabled
  4. Depending on your template, it will include a checkbox to either enable or disable GA or it will give you the option to define UTM parameters (as shown below).


If you do not have this feature and would like to add it or wish to include other analytics software link tracking parameters please contact Taguchi Support.