How do I know the conversion tracking is working?

Last Updated: 11/6/2024     Tags: conversion, conversions, tracking, troubleshoot
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The conversion tracking code relies on your email template having click-tracking enabled. This allows us to store a cookie in the subscribers browser, which will then be picked up by the conversion tracking script. This allows us to attribute a subscribers browser session/conversion to a particular Taguchi activity.

Once you have placed either the website or mobile app tracking code on your website/mobile app, you can either:

  • Test the tag manually by making a sample purchase (if your system allows);
  • Wait for a customer to complete a purchase

Conversion stats are reflected against activities immediately so you are able to check back on a recently deployed activity (after you have implemented the conversion tracking on your site/app), but the time-series charts within V5 are updated once every 24 hours.

What if conversion stats are not appearing after 24 hours?

If orders have successfully been placed on your system and no conversion stats are populating, please check the code placement and if possible, test the code before placing into the production environment to verify.

Other possible issues could include:

  • Incorrect placement of code;
  • Data incorrectly populating into tracking code (such as price, item name, qty etc..);
  • Click-tracking disabled within the email template (contact Taguchi Support to help rectify this);

If you are having further issues with the conversion tracking tags, please contact Taguchi Support.