Changing Sender Email Address

Last Updated: 11/6/2024     Tags: deliverability, email, address, sender, adhoc
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The From address should be thought of as your online identity. It’s what your contacts use to recognize you as a sender, and will often get added to their Contact or 'Safe list'. This also applies to some email servers, the more emails they receive from a particular email address, the more trustworthy the sender becomes and the more likely your email will land in the Inbox rather than the junk/spam folder.

Changing your sender email address could have an impact upon your deliverability. Significant changes such as the domain name could impact the deliverability significantly and would require some time to build up a new sender reputation.

If you absolutely require a change of sender email address, ensure that the domain name is the same as the previous sender email address (e.g. is not the same as If in doubt, please contact Taguchi Support to discuss potential impact on your future sends.