How do I prevent emails from going to the spam (or other) folder?

Last Updated: 11/6/2024     Tags: spam, promotions, moved, inbox, junk
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Email providers have basic spam filtering rules which may affect how your email is delivered to the subscriber.

As part of our standard operations and procedures, Taguchi monitors deliverability directly with the ISPs (Gmail, Hotmail etc). They provide insights into email deliverability however they don’t tell you if your email goes to spam or junk. Having DKIM and SPF in place is not specifically designed to stop emails from going to junk, but in the absence of it, it will impact on your overall deliverability as well as increasing the chances of your emails going to junk.

Remember, there is always going to be a portion of your emails that go to junk so measures such as DKIM/SPF, IP reputation (Taguchi manage this for you), using the same from name/email address, not using β€˜spam’ words in subject lines etc, all contribute to improving your chances of your email ending up in junk folders.

Folders other than inbox

Most email providers will deliver emails directly to the subscribers inbox, but some may move them in to a special folder based on an algorithm.

An example of a special folder could be Gmail, their tabbed layout allows for multiple tabs within the inbox (such as Promotions, Social and Updates). Emails may be moved from the 'Primary' tab if it matches the algorithm stated by that particular tab. The promotions tab will be the most common tab associated with our clients. The best way to avoid this tab is to use less sales oriented subject lines and body content, keywords such as 'promotion', 'sale', or 'special', may trigger a move to the promotions tab.

Some subscribers may also have a rule set up within their email settings that moves an email to a specified folder if it matches a set of rules.