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For instructions on configuring SPF, DKIM & DMARC please go to the article 'How to configure SPF, DKIM and DMARC for sending domains'


To enable BIMI, DMARC setup is required. Please refer to DMARC setup to how to set up DMARC.

Once your SPF and DKIM identifiers are aligned with DMARC, create an SVG Tiny PS version of your brand-controlled logo.
The file needs to be a square logo file and background colour should be nontransparent.
Some mailbox providers may require senders to obtain a verified mark certificate (VMC). Please refer to “Pilot” Guidelines for Issuance of Verified Mark Certificates for more information.

After you create a brand logo in SVG file, add a new TXT record in your DNS.

 “v=BIMI1; l="Your brand logo SVG URL"; a="(Optional)Trust Authorities"

Once you set up all the above, you can validate your BIMI record with BIMI Inspector.

Please note these implementation steps may evolve as new information becomes available.
Refer to BIMI Implementation Guide for the most recent information