jQuery Wrapper Configuration

Last Updated: 15/2/2024     Tags: jquery wrapper, configuration
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A number of global configuration options are provided via the $.tmform.defaults object:

  • $.tmform.defaults.instance: should be set to the Taguchi server name;
  • $.tmform.defaults.callback: may be set to a function to call when the form submission completes;
  • $.tmform.defaults.callback_url: should be set to the URL of the blank file, defaults to "callback.html" in the same directory as the page being served;
  • $.tmform.defaults.list_id: if set to a valid numeric List ID from the Taguchi admin interface, subscribers submitted via the enter or subscribe form actions will be added to this list;
  • $.tmform.defaults.campaign_id: if set to a valid numeric Campaign ID from the Taguchi admin interface, form submission events will be credited to this campaign;
  • $.tmform.defaults.debug: if set to true, no data will be submitted - this is useful when debugging JavaScript animations and other page mechanics;
  • $.tmform.defaults.bind: defaults to submit, this determines which event triggers a form submission;
  • $.tmform.defaults.event_ref: determines which event type is logged (defaults to up);
  • $.tmform.defaults.activity_id: determines which activity is sent in response to the form submission.

All of these options may be overridden in the constructor for an individual form.