How to enable V5 access

Last Updated: 17/4/2024     Tags: V4, version 4, V4, version 4, enable
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Many of our clients can now enable V5 access for their organisations. This will allow you to access both V4 and V5 simultaneously.

Data is consolidated between both versions, for example you can edit an activity in V4 and pick it up later within V5. If you have access to multiple organisations, you will need to link each organisation to your Taguchi V5 account individually. Once each organisation has been linked, you will be able to access all of those organisations using your V5 login.

To find out of your organisation has V5 access enabled, simply navigate to your Settings tab in V4. Under the Account tab, you will find a section with a button labelled Enable Taguchi V5 Access. If this button does not appear, this means your organisation is not set up for Taguchi V5 access. Please raise a support ticket if you are interested in gaining access.

Remember to create an account for Taguchi V5 first!
Before clicking the 'Enable Taguchi V5 Access' button, please create an account for V5. This account is separate from your Taguchi V4 and support portal logins.

Linking your V4 organisation with a V5 account

To link your Taguchi V4 organisation to your Taguchi V5 user account, click the Enable Taguchi V5 Access button under the Settings tab within your Taguchi V4 organisation.

V4 Settings Page

A separate window will open with the Taguchi V5 login screen. Enter your login details for your V5 user account and log in like normal (if you do not have a user account for V5 yet, please create one before attempting these steps).

V5 Login Screen

If done successfully, your organisation should appear under your V5 user account. Click on the organisation to launch it within Taguchi V5.

V5 Organisations Screen

If your organisation does not link in V5 successfully, please re-try the steps above or try with an alternative browser (we recommend the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox or Safari). If you continue to experience issues. please contact Taguchi Support by raising a ticket.