What are the benefits of Taguchi split testing compared to other email marketing platforms?

Last Updated: 26/6/2024     Tags: proof, comments
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Traditional email marketing platforms employ a random split test upon broadcast (usually a 50/50 split test). Instead of this traditional approach, Taguchi utilises smart algorithms to determine better performing combinations whilst the email is sending. Subscriber interactions are monitored over the duration of the send for emails opens, link clicks, conversions and more. This means that any multivariate or split test combination with a better overall performance in terms of subscriber interaction will be sent to more subscribers compared to other combinations.

This is an example timeline of a simple A/B split test with two combinations (two subject lines), 1,000 subscribers are intending to receive this email and we have set the throttle to 100 messages per minute:

Send Timeline

Subscribers interacted with the Subject Line #1 combination more (opens and clicks), this resulted in the Subject Line #1 combination being favoured more towards the end of the send which would have resulted in more opens, clicks and conversions for this send compared to the Subject Line #2 combination.

Our system does not treat each combination equally, instead we ensure the better performing combination is sent more often to result in a better performing send with higher open rates, CTR (click-through rates) and conversions for your business.