What are Segments?

Last Updated: 26/6/2024     Tags: segment, segments, segmentation, content, targeting
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Our Segments tool allows you to define content within your email to a specific segment of your subscribers. The target expression engine is used to define these segments.

For example, you may be sending an email to all of Australia but you wish to show a hero image specific to each state.

Using segments within a single email activity would be the most efficient way of doing this, rather than creating several email activities for each state.

Animated Image of How Segments Work

Create the state segments using the tool, upload your state specific hero images and then link these together to achieve subscriber specific segmentation (e.g. The ACT hero image would have the ACT subscriber segment selected and so on).

You can use the Segments tool to display content based on subscriber data values e.g. value of gender, subscriber behaviour e.g. purchased or a combination of both.

The article "How do I add segments and target content to specific subscribers?" provides more detailed instructions on creating and defining segments for content segmentation.

If the Segmentation tool is not available on your template, please contact Taguchi Support for more information on how it can be added.