Does Taguchi support markup?

Last Updated: 26/6/2024     Tags: schema, gmail, one-click, rsvp, go-to
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Yes, Taguchi supports the proposed vocabulary. Google's Gmail is the only mail based service to support the vocabulary to-date.

You can view up-t-date releases of the vocabulary at Gmail Developer Docs also has an extensive guide on how to use the vocabulary and modified markups.

We recommend using the JSON-LD declarations within your email templates.

The most common markup types used by our clients are:

One-Click Actions

One-click actions allow users to perform operations directly from the inbox without having to leave your email client. One-click actions are performed by declaring an HttpActionHandler with your service URL.

For more information on one-click actions, see the Google Developer Docs.

Order Actions

An order is a confirmation of a transaction (a receipt), which can contain multiple line items, each represented by an Offer that has been accepted by the customer.

For more information on order actions, see the Google Developer Docs.