Can I embed video into an activity?

Last Updated: 26/6/2024     Tags: mailto, add, email, link
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Most hosted video sites tends to use Flash to stream videos. Since the Flash plugin is not compatible to most email clients, Taguchi recommend against embedding videos on the content.

There are two options for video embedding in email:

  1. You could create a static image of a video player that links to the actual video embedded on a website.
  2. You could use the new HTML5 <video> tag to embed the video.

The following table outlines which email clients supports embedded videos:

Email client Embedded Video Supported
Outlook for Mac Yes
Outlook Android No
Outlook iOS No No
Outlook 2003-2016 No
Apple Mail (Desktop and iOS) Yes
Samsung Email Yes
Thunderbird Yes
Gmail Webmail No
Gmail Android No
Gmail iOS No
Yahoo! Mail No
Yahoo! Mail iOS No
Yahoo! Mail Android No
AOL Mail No

For all non-supported clients, you need to fallback to the static image version (option 1). The <video> method does require you to encode the video to a specific set of codec formats: MP4, OGG and WebM.

We recommend using option 1 for better compatibility, as most common email clients fall outside of the supported clients for the <video> tag.