Taguchi eDM Template Email Client Support & Testing

Last Updated: 26/6/2024     Tags: email, gmail, activity, display, outlook
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The Taguchi Email Template is primarily tested and supported in the following popular email clients (and browsers).

Supported Email Clients/Browsers

Below is a list of email clients that supports the Taguchi email template:

Mobile/Tablet apps Desktop Clients Web Clients
iOS Mail (iOS) Microsoft Outlook 2007-2010 (Windows)* Outlook.com
Gmail App (Android)† Outlook 2011 (Mac) Gmail
Gmail App (iOS)† Outlook 2013 (Windows) Yahoo! Mail
Outlook App (Android) Outlook 2016 (Windows) AOL Mail
Outlook App (iOS) Outlook 2016 (Mac)
Samsung Mail (Android)† Apple Mail 10+ (Mac)

*2007 & 2010 are treated the same due to similar pre-processing abilities.
†As of June 2018, Gmail using an IMAP email account (non-gmail.com) may not be mobile responsive. This feature is still in development by Google.
^Mobile responsiveness added in Android 4.2+.

If you have any questions about email client support & testing, please contact Taguchi Support.