Why does my email look different compared to the preview in Taguchi?

Last Updated: 26/6/2024     Tags: different, differ, weird, activity, outlook
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The activity edit interface preview window should only be used as an indicative guide when creating your emails. It is important to test any new significant changes to your email template or activity content in multiple email clients (such as multiple Outlook versions, web email clients such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail etc...). A common email testing service is Litmus.

If your template was developed by Taguchi, check the statement of work for a list of supported email clients. Typically templates developed by Taguchi do not require testing in multiple email clients for each send/broadcast as the template was developed with compatibility in mind.

The email is broken or the text is enlarged

Common causes of this include:

  • The zoom viewport is not set at 100%: If you zoom in our out of the email, this may cause things to break, check your zoom settings and reset back to 100%;
  • The default font size in the operating system settings is set to a larger font size: This will cause text to enlarge and often break the email;
  • The email client the subscriber uses is not supported: In this case, advise the subscriber to use a compatible email client or use the 'view online' link;
  • The email was forwarded to them from someone else; Forwarding emails breaks the layout, advise the subscriber to attach the full email as an attachment rather than forwarding