How can I add personalized urls in email or SMS?

Last Updated: 26/6/2024     Tags: personalization, personalisation, customization, customisation, custom
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To add personalization to urls in a email or SMS, you must use double curly brace formatted tags e.g {{ recipient.custom.url }} as opposed to standard JavaScript tags described in this article. Using the tags such as {%= recipient.custom.url %} will generate a unique tracking link and potentially cause errors at send time.


If the subscriber has a custom field called url in their profile with a value of, the page exists - e.g. The active page is loading and not returning a 404 not found message, the url personalization they should use is:

http://{{ recipient.custom.url }}


https://{{ recipient.custom.url }}

Any address in subscribers custom field should not contain the scheme of the url. For example:


Example of address with the scheme (Do not use!):


This feature also needs to be enabled in your template. Please contact taguchi support if you are unsure if its available in your template.