SMS Proofs

Last Updated: 26/6/2024     Tags: proof, sms, message, activity, sample
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It is possible to send yourself a SMS proof for an SMS activity you are working on, ensure your subscriber profile has a valid mobile phone number in the 'phone' field before sending a proof.

How to add a phone number to your subscriber profile

In V4, hover over the user icon in the top right of your screen. Options will appear in the menu underneath the icon, simply click the 'Subscriber Profile' option to navigate to your subscriber profile.

Once you are in your subscriber profile, click 'Edit Profile', under 'User Profile' click the 'Edit' button to edit the profile fields. Once you have finished, click the 'Save Changes' button to save the profile field changes.

In V5, search for the email address your account is assigned to using global search. Click your subscriber profile in the search results. Your subscriber profile will load in a new modal.

Under the 'Profile' title, click the '+' button to add the phone field to your profile. If the field already exists, press the pencil icon to edit the field. After you have made your changes simply click 'Save changes'.

Head back to your activity, click the 'Send Proof...' button and select your subscriber profile. Click the 'Send Proof' button, a SMS message will arrive to your mobile phone shortly after.