What is A/B split testing?

Last Updated: 26/6/2024     Tags: ab, a, b, split, multivariate
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A/B split testing is a way of working out which of two (or more) content options is the most effective (in regards to opens/clicks). A/B testing within Taguchi utilizes our patented technology which selects the better performing content combination to send in real time (by actively monitoring opens, clicks and conversions). You can read more about our optimization technology here.

For example if you had one subject line and hero image combination, and another subject line and hero image combination that you wish to test against each other, an A/B split test would be ideal for this as you can compare the combinations. You can test unlimited combinations (although we recommend a maximum of five depending on your subscriber numbers).

A/B Test

A/B testing must be configured with a subject line and as many content blocks as you like. For example, you could test a subject line, a hero image block and an article block all in one combination.

A/B Test

If you wish to compare each possible combination (for example comparing all possible subject lines and hero images against each other), you would need to conduct a multivariate test. Read more about multivariate testing here.

Get started by building an A/B split test email.