Why are my emails clipped in Gmail (Desktop)?

Last Updated: 26/6/2024     Tags: gmail, email, content, delivery, activity
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You may have noticed that your emails are being clipped when they reach your subscriber’s inbox. Gmail clips emails when it exceeds 102KB in size and also hides the full content behind a 'View entire message' link.

This is not ideal as it not only affects your users experience, but Gmail also cuts the tracking code that accounts for open rates.

How can you prevent Gmail clipping?

Before you remove or make any changes to the email content, we recommend cloning your activity just in case you accidentally make a mistake.

  • Limit your emails to 102KB or below - cut down if necessary.

  • Improve the efficiency of your HTML code writing by removing unnecessary carriage returns, attributes and styles.

  • Use the “Paste as plain text” or “Paste from rich text editor” options, when copying and pasting from outside sources.

  • Add 'Read More' links to direct recipients to the full content of the email if you cannot remove any content.

Changing the size of your images will not reduce the total size of the Email. Message size is based on the total number of bytes in the email's code.

To check the size of your activity before broadcasting, you can send yourself an activity check.

For information on ideal email sizes, see 'How do I read my Activity Check?'.